I have spent most of my adulthood, knowingly and unknowingly, studying the life and works of the late LeRoi Moore. A founding member of Dave Matthews Band, Moore remains a severely underrated figure in music history. My dissertation and blog attempt to rectify this by placing Moore's work under academic scrutiny.

Holloway lives in the spirit of the singer-songwriters of the 90's. Founded by Gary Baker, BJ Centers, and Bob Fuson in Southeastern Kentucky.

An incredible folk/Americana/bluegrass group and father/daughter team, Frailin' Hearts is a great acoustic band I've been delighted to be involved with!

Jazz Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - a top-notch faculty and some of the best mentors you could ask for

The London Jazz Orchestra was founded by David Threlkeld and is based out of London, Kentucky. Bob was a founding member and still returns for gigs when he can.