Saxophonists are notorious gearheads, so any discussion of equipment is well received. Here's the gear I'm currently using.


Semer Paris Series III (Black lacquer)
Selmer Concept, Legere Signature 3 for classical
Vandoren V16 S7, Vandoren Java 3 for jazz
Abelet Bubinga Ligature


Selmer Mark VII
Selmer Soloist C* (vintage) and Selmer Concept, Legere Signature 3/3.5 for classical
Gottsu Sepia Tone 6, Vandoren Red Box Java and Rigotti Gold Jazz 3S for jazz
Vandoren M/O ligature


Selmer Mark VI (86***)
Selmer C**, Legere Signature 3.5 for classical
HR Otto Link with custom reface by Erik Grieffenhagen, Gottsu Sepia Tone 8, Legere Signature 2.5 for jazz
Abelet Bubinga Ligature
As with most tenor players, I have cycled through a number of mouthpieces. They include the Guardala Brecker model, Otto Link 8, Jody Jazz DVNY 8*, Lawton 8*BB, Strathon 8, Morgan Excalibur 7, and more recently the fantastic Gottsu Sepia Tone 8 from Japan.


Gemeinhardt sterling silver with silver headjoint

Selmer Vintage clarinet
Mclune Lyceum, Legere Signature 3