Music is one of the most incredible innovations of mankind. The ways it enriches our lives are too numerous to count. That's why music education is one of my most ardent passions. Teaching music brings joy to the instructor and the student, creating a web of happiness that can be spread across the community. I owe so much to the many incredible music educators in my own life.

What I owe them is to pay it forward, and teach the wonders and mysteries of music to those seeking it. A teacher of mine told me that if you do something you love you never work a day in your life - meaning you should enjoy the effort you put into something.

That's why my teaching philosophy is centered around the idea of practical application. I want my students to take with them something they can use in their day-to-day life after each lesson. Too often I have seen students  bemoan core subjects in their musical education. Things like music theory, improvisation, and music history. I have found that the reason for their distress is that many times the teacher has failed to make the connections to the student's personal goals and desires. Why should a young jazz musician care about Bach? Why would they?

The haughty answer is that they should intrinsically feel motivated to care. This is a failure in reasoning and a missed teaching opportunity. Teachers must draw parallels to the student's own likes and dislikes. It is imperative that the teacher give the student some path to ownership. Musical tastes can change, knowledge can be acquired, and students can become more complete musicians once they internalize knowledge via practical application.

Are you or do you know a saxophonist in need of private instruction? I have been a professional musician for more than two decades, with experience (and degrees) in both jazz and classical music. The pedagogy I use is based on the teachings of Joe Allard, and is centered around eliminating stress and tension. Playing the saxophone, physically, should be no more straining than speaking. My students have been very successful at both the secondary and collegiate levels. Many have been accepted into prestigious music programs, invited to perform with honor bands and at honor ceremonies, and have achieved success as teachers in their own right.

Wanting to explore or improve your improvisation skills? My professional life has been primarily as a working jazz musician. I have given clinics and master classes around the country on the subject of improvisation, coached students into All State jazz ensembles, and had private students admitted into high level jazz programs. In addition, I have performed and studied with some of the finest jazz musicians in the world. My experience delves into world music, folk, Americana, bluegrass, and rock as well. All instruments welcome!

Interested in composition? I am a published and commissioned composer/arranger. I have written for jazz ensembles, marching bands, rock bands, you name it. I have a vested interest in helping people realize the music they hear in their head. New music is always a boon to the arts community. I am also available for music theory tutoring, having received a related area in the subject as part of my graduate studies.

Do you have a chamber ensemble? I am available as a coach for chamber groups and small jazz ensembles. I coach the Doane Saxophone Quartet, and am co-founder of TCBSQ, a professional ensemble devoted to new music for the saxophone. Additionally I have coached small jazz groups and combos for many years.

Does your school need a show arranged for marching band? A guest for your jazz ensemble? Want to commission a new piece or have someone talk about jazz history? Over the years I have spent a lot of time in public schools both as a lecturer and performer. I have lectured on the subjects of jazz history and improvisation many times. As an arranger I have worked with college and high school marching bands, and can customize an arrangement to your specific instrumentation. I have been a guest soloist with collegiate and high school ensembles, both bands and jazz ensembles.

I have openings in my private studio and my professional schedule for whatever you need. Contact me at and let's work something out.


- BF

Lessons and Services:

  • Jazz and Classical Saxophone
  • Improvisation for all instruments
  • Composition and Arranging
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Music Theory Tutoring
  • Chamber Ensemble Coaching
  • Lecturer/Clinician/Guest Artist
  • Jazz, Concert, and Marching Band Arrangements