On Sunday, September 20th, 2020 my grandmother, Betty Jean Fryman, passed away in Williamsburg, Kentucky. She is survived by generations of Nintendo playing gamers, of people who sit in stillness and long for her guidance at the kitchen table. She…

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Review – Twio – Walter Smith III



The tenor tradition in jazz is, much like the music as a whole, in a constant state of flux. As the second generation of tenorists came to prominence young saxophonists fell under the sway of folks like…

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Motivation at the end...

I am nearing completion of my doctorate, and I'm going to be straight with you - I am nearing total burn out. My nerves, emotions, patience, body, you name it is on the brink. There are several reasons for this…Read more

Consortium Projects

This past year I was fortunate to play a piece for saxophone choir by Daniel Baldwin. Daniel is a very accomplished composer who is quite popular in the double-reed world. The piece he wrote for the UNL Saxophone Choir was…Read more

Print is Dead

Harold Ramis 1944-2014

I've been meaning to update this blog but life has been incredibly, wonderfully busy. Things have been going extremely well, and while I'd love to unload all of that positive energy into this blog every piece of…Read more

School is in!

Excited to get the year started! Recital information coming soon!

Summer Update

It's been quite a busy summer; soon the breezes will be cooler and the days a little shorter as another school year begins. It's an interesting place to be in for me because soon I will be totally, completely…Read more

Trying to keep up!

Hello interwebs! I'm trying to keep up the blog this summer, my diligence hasn't been great but my resolve is strong!

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Long Overdue Site Update

Well, it was time. I finally bit the bullet and updated my site. Lots of new information since the last time!

I have been extremely fortunate to play in the Graduate Jazz Combo (christened the Gradtet) here at UNL. Our…Read more

Heartland Quartet Tour

This January I got a chance to tour with the Heartland Saxophone Quartet from UNL as we made our way to the Navy Saxophone Symposium. We got a chance to play for many middle and high school kids in Kentucky,…Read more

New site!

Welcome to my first blog entry on my new site! I've got a few ideas for things to write about, starting off with the life-changing experiences I've had studying with Jeff Coffin. But I'm interested to hear some suggestions for…Read more